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We’re unusual – different – we’re pioneers – we’ve developed skin care cosmetics using 100% exotic natural wild Seabuckthorn berries which contain omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 which is extremely rare and near impossible to find in a single plant source – yet so vital for rejuvenation of skin on a cellular level.

The discovery of the wide range of benefits of seabuckthorn for health and beauty is perhaps one of the biggest of this century.


100% Natural wild seabuckthorn

Products which contain harmful chemicals in the ingredients used , and which we use on a daily basis harm and degrade the quality of our skin sometimes causing irreversible damage. Natural ingredients are not harmful and the Seabuckthorn we use – known as the “beauty berry “ is exotic, natural and growing wild in nature – free from growth hormones, chemicals and pesticides and can rejuvenate your skin with stunning results.

Seabuckthorn contains the rare Omega 7 – vital for cellular rejuvenation and a booster for your skin’s natural collagen – which tones and firms skin for that youthful look.

Combining ancient knowledge with modern technology

We strive to develop formulations using natural ingredients traditionally known to be good for well being and beauty while working with our team of technologists, scientists, researchers and herbalists using a combination of ayurveda and modern science to give you natural products with amazing results.

Our consumable products such as Seabuckthorn juices and Seabuckthorn oil capsules in combination with our skin care products for topical application deliver stunning results in a matter of days.

The huge nutrition boost to your body rejuvenates you from within and the results are evident on the outside. Seabuckthorn rejuvenates your system on a cellular level with its constituents – Omega 3, 6 , 7 and 9 , including 190 multivitamins and minerals and compounds – natural and easily absorbable – vital for cellular rejuvenation on a daily basis. Among these are Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and iron.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Try our products only once – and once you experience the amazing results there is no looking back – you will be hooked to good health & beauty – naturally from within and from the outside as well.

The glow you get on your skin and the feeling of well being from within – from the use of our Seabuckthorn juices , seabuckthorn oil capsules and seabuckthorn cosmetics is something we guarantee you will not find anywhere else on this planet.

So confident are we that we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products .* (Click here for terms and conditions related to this offer).

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